HDP 6000 Decontamination Pool

The HDP 6000 Decon Pool is designed as a lightweight (12 lbs.) and portable, disposable containment basin for collecting the run off from a decontamination shower. It is compact, easily stored, and sets up in only 30 seconds. Pools come packaged two per case.

The HDP 6000 is lightweight, portable, and measures 60″ x 60″ x 12″ set-up, 60″ x 21″ x 3″ stored. The product ships 2 pools per case.

HDS 6012 Decontamination Shower

The HDS 6012 Decon Shower is portable, collapsible, and re-usable. The shower is constructed of 1-1/2” PVC pipe and fittings, plus color-coded for ease of assembly. A crisscross water flow pattern is provided from the upper support bars maximizing water coverage. It is equipped with a large gate ball valve for water flow control, complete with swivel adapter to fit all standard garden hoses.

The unit is color coded for ease of.It can be set up by a single person in approximately 7 minutes. The unit is transported in a heavy duty canvas utility bag with two carrying handles, and is specifically designed to be mobile and easy to use.

The unit’s working constructed size is 60″ x 60″ x 12″,and the shipping weight is 65 lbs.

PDS 5000-E Patient Decontamination System

The PDS 5000 Patient Decon System is lightweight (8 lbs.), portable, disposable containment system for field and in-hospital decontamination. The system is resistant to chemicals and shipped pre-assembled with a PVC drain, drain hose, and a 5 gallon collapsible poly collection container.

Packed 3 to a case, each unit measures 24” x 15” x 4”. When fully assembled and in use, the system measures 84” x 24” x 8”.

HTP 6030Fluid Transfer Pump

The HTP 6030 is a chemically resistant, hand operated, self-priming pump specifically designed to transfer hazardous materials from RMC Medical’s Hazmat Decon Pool (HDP 6000) into a recovery drum. This unit is NOT designed to work with gasoline.

Constructed of polypropylene body and nitrile diaphragm, the 10 GPM pump is mounted on a 6” x 18” polyethylene pump plate and includes a complete 12 feet of chemically resistant, wire enforced hose. The pump parts, including the diaphragm, can be replaced individually if necessary.

HDS 6016 Decontamination Manifold System

The HDS 6016 Decon Manifold System is designed to reduce the flow of water from 1-1/2” Firehose to a series of three 3/4” spigots. Garden hoses can be attached directly to the manifold and run to a Decon Shower, or used separately.

The maximum water pressure to the manifold is 60-80 psi. Once the system is pressurized, the user should close any unnecessary spigots.

HDS 6013 Decontamination Elevation Grid

Get the height you need with a HDS 6013 Elevation Grid. Designed with no sharp edges, the unit is molded from rugged HDPE chemical resistant resign, and the grid design permits liquids and small scraps to drain away.

The complete unit measures 24” x 36” x 5.5”, and each level adds 2-5/8” of height. The lightweight construction makes for ease of use, and the sturdy design permits the uit to be locked at all heights.

HDS 6015 Decon Scrub Brush

The Decon Scrub Brush is 20″ overall in length with a 5″ bristle head. The handle is polyethylene and the bristles are white Tampico which is durable and has a hight resistance to solvents and heat

HPC 1003 Hazmat Protective Clothing Package

Designed for pre-hospital and hospital personnel (packet size = 14” x 12’ x 2-1/2”), the package comes complete with:

  • Zippered front coverrall with attached hood, boots, and elastic wrists (available in Tyvek® or Tychem SL®-laminated Tyvek®, sewn or thermos-bonded seams)
  • 4 tape straps
  • 1 pair of inner latex gloves
  • 1 pair of outer chemical resistant gloves
  • 1 mask (surgical)
  • One pair of latex boots
  • Available Sizes: M – 4XL